Energy Healing

Accunect Energy Healing


Energy healing is all about restoring your body, mind and spiritual health to its natural and pure place. I work to help my clients achieve that state of wellness with the Accunect method


Based on my own intuition, while using the Accunect map, I tune into your energies. I’m able to use my intuition to help you center yourself and heal from the inside out. 


My eyes were opened up to the power of energy healing when dealing with some tough personal family health issues. I needed a way to balance myself, and heal my heart and mind, and was seeking for a way to help others who might be experiencing the same kind of emotional or physical difficulties in their lives. I found Accunect as a great compliment to my meditation and Pilates practices, as it gets me in touch with my internal self. 


So what does this mean? 

Energy healing taps into your subconscious in an effort to restore your mind, body and spirit in a relaxed setting. This is done through a balancing session where I read your energy and suggest ways to heal areas of your life that might be a source of stress or pain, particularly ones that could possibly be internalized over a long period of time. 


How do I do it? 

Balancing includes a variety of methods, each tailored to your unique situation, and designed to help you make a better connection with your mind and body. It could include muscle testing, emotional healing or physical cues. We'll talk about your personal situation to determine the right method for you. 

Being in tune with our body, mind and spirit helps us to evolve emotionally and physically. With a light and intuitive touch, I can hold the space for you to help you on your journey to healing from the inside out.  


At the end of the day, I strive to help protect and evolve your mind and body balance so that you feel a sense of wholeness and connection with your outer and inner selves.

Some of the areas I work in with my clients include fertility, stress, relationships and physical ailments. 

Learn more about Accunect, and register for a weekend seminar to learn more about it. 


Let’s work together!

My private energy healing sessions are $85 a session. Contact me to learn more.