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Holistic Wellness





Essential Oils

Energy Healing

Cellular Health 

Mind/Body Wellness

Your Goals Are My Mission


I know that your health isn’t just about exercise. That’s why I approach my clients’ fitness with a combination of modalities like Pilates, essential oils and energy healing. That philosophy is called ‘holistic wellness.’

What’s holistic wellnes? 

It's a form of healing that looks at the whole person - body, mind and spirit - in an effort to help you achieve optimal health and your best self.

I find that not treating a person from the inside out can be a barrier to healing and optimal fitness. That’s why many holistic teachers like me believe that wellness comes from treating the whole person.

So, I incorporate oils and energy healing into my Pilates practice.


My goal is to help my clients excel and thrive, and that comes from seeing their health from a broader view, and applying the appropriate modalities in areas of wellness that are tailored to each of them as individuals. That could include using essential oils, energy healing, and cellular health work.

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