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Essential Oils

Consider Essential Oils For Your Wellness Routine

Just like body and breath alignment are key benefits of Pilates, essential oils are an amazing modality of natural healing - both physically and emotionally.


That’s why I’ve included them as a central part of my family's health and wellness routine. I'm always seeking ways to help my family heal and stay healthy through natural therapies. For example, I typically turn to oils to help my daughter have a good night sleep (the power of lavender oil!), and to help my husband maintain a (mostly) stress-free work environment (the calming effects of orange oil!).


I’ve found that essential oils are an effective treatment for many common ailments, too! For things like cuts and scrapes, headaches, digestive issues, anxiety and depression. (But we must always keep in mind that while effective, essential oils aren’t meant to be an alternative to medications prescribed by your doctor.)


That’s why, as a certified DoTerra representative, I enjoy educating my clients about essential oils as a safe and effective supplement to their regular wellness routines, as well as a great way to help maintain their overall physical health and mental balance.


Interested in learning more about essential oils?


I can help you find the right essential oils for you. Check out my Facebook Page - Doterra Oils Wtih Annabel

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