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I am pleased and excited to share that in partnership with Evolution Health and Fitness Club, Align Pilates will have a second location!


The second location is inside Evolution @ 216 Dominion Road NE, Vienna VA (across from the red caboode), and will offer many of the same classes as our main studio.

For more information:


Call: Annabel Olah (703) 728-0651

Ready to Get Started?

Reformer Classes

Pilates Reformer is a way to connect mind and body through exercise, and is also a great way to help heal common physical pain and injuries. The Reformer offers support for alignment issues, and helps stretch the body in amazing ways to increase flexibility. 


Packages: Classes in packs of 5, 10, 20 and 30 (30-pack comes with one free session)

  • Group Class: $40 per student, per class

  • Private Session: $85

  • Semi-Private/Duet Session: $65


Mat Classes

Whether in your home, an outdoor setting or a special venue, I offer mat classes to beginners and advanced students that are designed especially for you. Pilates Mat classes help with core work, flexibility and overall body strengthening. Contact me about pricing.


Pilates for Teens

Kids today are starting sports earlier than ever before, which means many are experiencing injuries, and even surgeries, as teenagers. I offer sessions for active teens to help them maintain strength and flexibility while helping to prevent injuries. Contact me about pricing.



Demos are an opportunity for me to get to know you and your body. I’ll teach you how Pilates can help you become stronger, flexible and mentally centered with a special focus on using queues to improve your practice. Cost: $85/hour


Vision Board Workshops

Vision Board Workshops are a great opportunity for groups, teams and friends to state your long-term goals, wishes, hopes and dreams through a creative brainstorming exercise. These two-hour workshops are open to kids, teens and adults! Cost: $35 per person. Supplies included.


Special Offers & Perks

I'm happy to provide a range of exclusive offerings to my existing students: 

  • A free birthday session 

  • A free session when you refer someone to Align Pilates and they sign up for a package.

  • A free mat class every spring and fall.


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment, please give notice within 24 hours. Because I know life happens, I do offer my clients a one-time ‘emergency pass’ for a last-minute cancellation at no cost.


What to Wear in Pilates Classes

  • Comfortable, somewhat form-fitting gear, so I can see your form and alignment a bit better.

  • ‘Grippy socks:’ Toe socks are my favorite! I sell them at the studio or you can search for 'Toe Sox' on Amazon.



Pilates Reformer Classes

Pilates Mat Classes

Teen Intro Classes

Mind/Body Wellness Demos

Perks for Existing Students 

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